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Matthias Jabs on the new film and website

Behind the scenes in Berlin

Rock meets classic in Berlin

The Scorpions took the stage with an orchestra in front of 6,000 fans at “Classic Open Air” in Berlin. euromaxx, DW-TV’s lifestyle show, was there.


In 2010, the Scorpions announced a farewell tour that will take them around the world and back over three years. BIG CITY NIGHTS will be documenting this monumental journey and exploring the band’s fascinating history. You can find all of the information about the documentary and the tour right here. Our team will keep you updated each week with all of the latest news, audio and video clips. Welcome to the film’s website – and stay tuned for more.

Where the road takes us

What do Saarbrücken, Joao Pessoa, Magnitogorsk and Lappeenranta all have in common? They are all cities that are on the Scorpions farewell tour. The band is leaving nothing to chance and playing everywhere they can in the last three years. So whether you see them in Avenches or Ulan Bator, or anywhere in between, it will be an exceptional rock experience.

The Scorpions in Thailand

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